In our harsh hot & sunny Australian conditions, there is accelerated skin damage. Skin Degradation and loss of elasticity occur over time. Factors including your age, sun exposure, dust, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, hormone imbalance, poor diet & exercise all contribute to poor skin health. When skin droops and sags it can make you feel older and look older and sad even if you are not.
Facial dermal rejuvenation and techniques such as Lip plumping, Cheek Enhancements, Mesotherapy & Dermal Rolling are the non-surgical technique of directly placing revitalising substances into the skin via multiple superficial injections.

Why Choose Hyaluronic Acid?

There are 3 different types of dermal injectables. Permanent, Semi- Permanent and Temporary. We do not recommend using permanent or semi-permanent fillers because this is a clear indication that the body is unable to absorb and breakdown this product.

Here at Aliki Amara & iDental Surgery, we only treat using temporary materials containing Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This product dissipates naturally over time leaving no permanent changes. It is a gel-like consistency to lift your skin and iron out grooves as well as build up areas like the cheeks, nose and chin for improved aesthetic results and healthier skin.

How Hyaluronic Acid Works

Dermal injections containing hyaluronic acid fill areas of the dermis of the skin and result in collagen induction, while improving your skin’s hydration, volume, facial expression & health. As we age, structural components of the skin are lost, leading to wrinkles, folds and sagging of the skin. Injecting filler into the skin to fill that gap and prop it up means the surrounding skin is forced to stretch slightly resulting in a smoother appearance.

Is It Painful?

Your comfort and minimising pain is our top priority.

Topical and/or local anaesthetic is applied to your treatment area prior to dermal injections. Dentists are the only health professionals who are experts in numbing your face and are the only ones who do minimise your discomfort by applying local anaesthetic to treatment areas. Some patients can experience a light tingling sensation near the injection site but it disappears within seconds.

Give back to your skin and body. Rejuvenate your face today and see immediate results.

What Are The Side Effects?

The medical-grade products we choose to use are very safe, with minimal potential side effects/ complications and predictable clinical outcomes.

Only qualified practitioners are allowed to purchase prohibited substances.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Treatment Areas (include but are not limited to)
Marionette Lines
Nasolabial Folds
Tear Trough
Jaw Lines

Post-Operative Instructions For Dermal Rejuvenation Injectables